Welcome to Couples Retreat Ontario.

Ever wish you could just hit the reset button with your partner?
Does it seem like you’re having the same argument over and over again?
Do you sometimes feel like you’re turning into roommates more than lovers?
Would you love a chance to step away from the busyness and demands of your daily life to just focus on what matters to you most?

If so, here’s a two-day relationship reset for you.
A weekend of reconnection and rejuvenation.

Here you will learn to . . .
• ask for your needs to be met in a way that your partner can hear you
• understand each other’s needs & fears which fuel the conflict & keep it going
• make repairs when needed and move towards deep forgiveness & healing
• break (or avoid) the patterns that get you stuck, frustrated and distant
• get closer, feel more connected & be able to lean more on your partner
• make your love even stronger & keep it burning brighter

So how does it work?
This two-day couple’s retreat is based on the Hold Me Tight® Workshop developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, the world’s leading couple’s therapist & researcher. It encapsulates her 30 years of research and work with couples to deliver practical & effective ways of improving, protecting and strengthening your connection to each other.

In our two days together, you will get an insider view into the 7 Conversations that Dr. Johnson has identified as being critical for creating sustainable closeness, healing old wounds & creating more connection in relationships.

You will then get a chance to take some space from the group to discuss and practice these conversations in private with your partner. Our facilitators will offer guidance to you through these conversations, if wanted.

You do not have to discuss any of your own personal conversations or relationship history with the group. You will be invited to share your insights and ah-ha moments during the presentations if you would like to, but it is totally fine just to sit back, relax and quietly take it all in.

Watch this video to learn more about what makes this retreat work for couples:

Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson

What to expect:
Some of your day will be spent listening to presentations in a group setting with other couples. You and your partner will also have time to get away from the group to talk privately about what you are learning and to practice some of the exercises together.

Your facilitators will assist you with the exercises to help you better understand each other’s needs and to listen to each other with an open heart.

Sharing with the group is always optional and there is no pressure to discuss anything personal with the group present.

Your confidentiality is an important and protected part of this group experience.